No nonsense. SSH public key management. For teams and immutable infrastructure.

A no-nonsense solution for managing SSH public keys on immutable infrastructure.

When working with teams who need SSH access to one or more machines, you will have to rotate someone's SSH key. This can be time-consuming if done manually or quick if it has been automated with tools like Ansible or Chef. But modifying any server runs a non-zero risk of failure. What if you could change someone's SSH public key but never change a server?

Instead of storing someone's SSH public keys on a server, a server reverses this and looks up a user's public key on Slipchannel. When someone wants to change their public key, they simply change it on Slipchannel and never change a server's configuration.

When you add teams into the equation you will have rules around who can access what machines. Slipchannel has a solution for this. Each server identifies itself as a Realm, and Slipchannel provides users with membership to this Realm. If an employee joins another team or needs temporary access to a server, the only changes are made on Slipchannel and no servers are modified.

Slipchannel is low-cost, and simple to setup for your company of any size of employees or servers.

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